Hey Teachers!

Updated: May 8

I'm just going to cut to the chase...Teachers are near and dear to the heart of not only our Wee's Tees community but our community as a whole. Everything from helping develop a curriculum for the students to advance in their education, to being there as a support for the students and parents in the community. A solid foundation in education can easily be considered the backbone of a strong community, and our teachers are the messengers of how important that is. 

Over the years we have had the honor to partner with local art teacher Kevin McColley. Art is such a huge part of our process here at Wee's Tees that it excites us to see growth in the world of art and design. Mr. McColley brings energy, is positive and oftentimes involves student work to share with us for various projects. Mr. McColley helps his students understand that art in fact is a form of problem solving and creativity is integral to all subject matter. Here is a link to his site! Check it out! https://kevinmccolley.weebly.com/

Another great program we have produced shirts for in the past is the Ankeny-Copan sister-city exchange lead by local Modern language teacher Renee Pepper. She says it best..."I love teaching modern languages because it opens up so many doors to students.  They learn not only another language, but other cultures and tolerance for differences that they encounter - different does NOT mean wrong!"   Wee's Tees couldn't agree more!

These are just a couple of examples of so many great teachers we have had the joy in working with over the years. 

Real-life examples in education bring a certain tangible outcome in learning that I don't know if a computer screen or an app could necessarily enhance. There is something special about the teachers that can harness youthful curiosity and empower the students to make decisions, ask questions, devise plans and the list goes on. 

Be sure to thank your teachers during this week of teacher appreciation! #ThankATeacher